What can be treated?

Physical and Emotional Pain:

your daily life is unbearable owing to chronic pain

you suffer from debilitating headaches

you are struggling to cope owing to anxiety issues

you need help with a sporting injury

your “time of the month” ruins your whole month

you need support from fertility to inductions

Musculo-skeletal Issues

Numerous pain and movement issues have been treated over the years such as neck and shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica, as well as knee and ankle pain. We have an excellent track record for helping Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Headaches and Migraines

Of all the conditions treated at the Alternatives Clinic over the years, the treatment of headaches of all kinds has been among the most successful. These have included Cluster Headaches,  Sinus Headaches, Migraines and Tension Headaches.


Do you have trouble with periods:

   • abdominal pain and/or bloating

   • short or long periods

   • excessive or light bleeding

   • clots

These problems can be addressed effectively.

Fertility and IVF

IVF has proven to be a wonder of modern medicine and some of the most successful IVF clinics employ acupuncturists to complement their programmes.

It is best to begin acupuncture treatments prior to starting IVF treatment, to strengthen the woman’s systems and help prepare her body for the medical procedures to come.  

The goal is for a woman to achieve three trouble free cycles in order for her to be at her peak of fertility before progressing to the next step. 

Once a baby is on the way, treatment can help a healthy pregnancy. There are also a range of approaches to induce any overdue pregnancies.

Acupuncture is a very safe form of treatment and it can NOT cause any harm to the child or mother.

Anxiety Issues:

For many reasons people often feel out of sorts. Feelings of deep seated exhaustion, feeling unable to cope with life, lacking their normal interests and drive and very often experiencing a feeling of heaviness in their head.  Peace of mind has somehow been lost.

These are just a few examples of what you may be experiencing, and all indicate, in terms of Chinese Medicine, an imbalance of your constitutional energies. 

Your feelings will be listened to and treatment will aim to bring you back to your normal self so you can engage in life more positively.